Why We Love Fear of God

What do Justin Bieber, Matt Kemp, and Dwayne Wade have in common? They have all been spotted wearing Fear of God, one of the hottest streetwear brands on the market.

About The Designer

Jerry Lorenzo, the mastermind behind the Fear of God line, is the son of baseball legend Jerry Manuel. He went from working in a Diesel stockroom to designing clothes on his own. He also works as a stylist for celebrity clients like Matt Kemp and Justin Bieber.

In an interview with VFiles, Lorenzo explains his eclectic style, “My inspiration was this like punk white kid that represented this grunge culture in high school that I wasn’t necessarily ever a part of, so I kind of like fantasized about it.”

Lorenzo believes that his amalgam of style is reflective of his background. “My background is mixed. I’ve got some black and some hip hop in me. I’ve got some white and some grunge if that’s what you want to call that…Mixed in with my foundation, which is Jesus Christ and Christianity and that’s fear of God,” he remarks in the same interview.

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How The Brand Began

When Jerry Lorenzo was working at Diesel, he was not working on the creative side. He was working in the stockroom of one of the brand’s retail stores. With a father involved in Major League Baseball, Lorenzo had always been exposed to baseball uniforms. Growing up in LA, he was involved in the streetwear scene, and he watched hip-hop and punk music explode from unappreciated music genres to respected subcultures with huge influence.

Lorenzo never went to design school and he didn’t have any connections within the world of fashion. As a complete novice to fashion and design, he bought his own materials and translated his ideas into tangible pieces. After his clothes gained enough traction, he started to implement top of the lines textiles and sewing techniques. One of the most wildly popular luxury streetwear brands was born!

What was Lorenzo’s core inspiration for starting Fear of God? In a Milk Made interview, he reveals, “I was reading this devotion with my parents and we were talking about how clouds and darkness were around God’s kingdom, and it wasn’t in a way of him being a dark God, but just understanding the depths of his kingdom—there’s layers to him beyond our understanding. I wanted to do something to communicate this dark side in a cool way and inspire people about what I felt was my truth. It was a combination of that dark message and me believing in myself and my aesthetic…then I started putting pieces together and risking my savings and my family on trying to start this brand.”

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Explaining The Look

The Fear of God brand is primarily streetwear with influences from the iconic punk and hip-hop eras of the 90s, athletic wear, and religious art. There is something for everyone within this brand. The brand features lines for both men and women.

The Fear of God brand mainly sells pants, shirts, and jackets, but the brand also features high-end sneakers. As far as appearance, the current Fear of God collection includes many plaids, solid colors, “sweatshirt” grays, lots of denim, and plenty of distressed and acid washed jeans. As far as textiles, the brand includes plenty of cottons, cotton blends, and the occasional piece of satin or corduroy.

Fear of God is a brand that doesn’t necessarily fit squarely into any box. For example, although most of the textiles for the current collection make sense with streetwear and sportswear, there are also hoodies and jackets in the collection with satin exteriors. The collection also includes a few elegant corduroy sportscoats.

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Famous Followers

During his Purpose World Tour, many of Justin Bieber’s on-stage ensembles were custom designs from the Fear of God brand. After the tour, mass produced ready to wear versions of Bieber’s Fear of God outfits were made into an exclusive collection at Barneys New York.

In what is perhaps an ironic twist, Jared Leto, who has played Jesus in the past, is the star of the ad campaign for Fear of God’s upcoming Sixth collection.

The fashionably oversized length and width of these clothes make them perfect for athletes. In addition to Matt Kemp, Von Miller and Dwayne Wade were just a few of the athletes spotted in Fear of God during the 2018 NBA All-Star Game. Other celebrities, like Queen Latifah, Jamie Foxx, and Michael B. Jordan were spotted wearing the brand as spectators.

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