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The Number One Clothing Item Women Absolutely Need For The Summer

During the summertime, people are typically out and about enjoying the sunshine. There are always plenty of outdoor activities, including picnics, swimming, and biking. And, of course, many love to travel out of town for nice summer getaways.

However, since summer is the warmest season, the heat can sometimes be unbearable. With humidity and the sun shining down, it can get really sweaty and sticky, especially for women. But there is one summer item that will help ladies beat the heat while looking chic––a white cotton dress! It’s a necessity for women traveling in the summer, and there are a variety of designer dresses ladies can buy!

Calvin Klein Women’s Petite Off Shoulder Cotton Eyelet Dress

A white cotton dress may be a basic item for a woman’s closet, but still very stylish and perfect for summer. This off shoulder cotton eyelet dress from Calvin Klein is a perfect example. The dress is light and will give you much more flexibility to walk around without feeling constricted. Since it is looser than other articles of clothing, you might be more comfortable than while wearing jeans or even skirts, especially with the heat.

Amazon / Calvin Klein

What’s even better is that this eyelet dress is a practical item. There’s no need to coordinate other tops or bottoms if you don’t want to. Just slide on your favorite shoes with the dress and head out! This great dress also will show off your shoulders, arms, and legs with the fabulous design of the dress.

Cotton Twill Dress from Calvin Klein

Another great quality about a white, cotton dress is its breathability, as shown with this dress from Calvin Klein. It is perfect for all weather climates, especially summer. The natural fiber allows air to circulate and move freely, which is a must for hot summer days.

Calvin Klein

When you’re traveling and moving out in the hot sun, you’re going to undoubtedly sweat. In the crazy heat, it’s easy for clothes to stick to you. However, this dress will easily absorb any sweat from your body, helping your skin to breathe and feel cooler. It’s a much more comfortable choice that is a go-to for many women.

McQ Alexander McQueen Pleated Flutter-Sleeve Midi Dress

This pleater flutter-sleeve midi dress, along with other cotton material, is hypoallergenic. Women with sensitive skin can often become irritated with the fibers of their clothes. The summertime heat might make this even worse. And who wants to deal with that while traveling? With this dress from Alexander McQueen, you’ll be cool and relaxed all day.

Neiman Marcus

This off-the-shoulder dress has the ultimate natural material to wear for sensitive skin. The fibers don’t aggravate dry skin or cause allergic reactions. So while this dress would be great for many occasions, it’s especially perfect for ladies traveling in the hot summer season. Another fun fact? You wouldn’t have to worry about or be bothered by any static cling, either!

McQ Alexander McQueen Ruffle Hybrid Eyelet Tee Dress

This cotton dress from Alexander McQueen is great to pack for your travels because it is such a versatile style. The ruffles and design at the bottom really stand out. This dress can be worn for several different occasions and at various times of the day. It’s an easy choice for a day trip or a night out on the town while on vacation.

Neiman Marcus

Yes, this dress can be worn during a daytime walk or a trip at the beach. However, it can also be worn during a dance party at night. With the use of the right accessories, shoes, and even hairstyles, even this seemingly casual daytime dress can be revamped for a fabulous nighttime look.

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