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The Most Expensive Michelin-Star Restaurants In The World

A Michelin-star restaurant is without a doubt about the quality of the dishes, but a close second might be the atmosphere. In fact, there is no gaining even a single Michelin star without providing a stellar overall dining experience. Here are five of the most celebrated as well as notoriously expensive (and for good reason) Michelin-star restaurants around the world to date.

Kitcho, Kyoto – Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto Kitcho

Instagram / Kyoto Kitcho

Instagram / Kyoto Kitcho

It began in 1930 as a modest family-owned and operated restaurant in Osaka, and has since become a world-renowned three Michelin-star restaurant over the course of three generations. Kitcho, now in Kyoto and other locations, turns Japanese cuisine into an artform, both in the taste of the food and ambiance of the restaurant itself, immersed in Japanese culture. There is no ala carte here; all dishes are served as part of a coursed menu called Kaiseki, of which there are three options. The cost ranges from $450 to $600 per person, depending on the menu, a price that reflects the quality of the experience as a whole.

Restaurant Le Meurice – Paris, France

Dochester Collection

Dorchester Collection

Dorchester Collection

Adorned in eighteenth century decor complete with crystal chandeliers and antique mirrors, the two Michelin-star Le Meurice’s design was inspired by the Salon de la Paix at the Château de Versailles. Chef Alain Ducasse is dedicated to culinary excellence in his plates, created from simple, top-notch ingredients to be enjoyed in an elegant and majestic setting. The fall 2018 chef’s table menu, at $520, includes langoustine fresh from Scotland with lemon and fennel, a crispy coconut, pineapple, and avocado-mint dessert, as well as a number of other delicately crafted dishes.

Masa – New York City, USA

Instagram / chefpandita


Kappo Masa

Masa in New York city is the ultimate in Japanese fine dining, run by master chef Masa Takayama of Tochigi, Japan. It’s three Michelin stars won’t disappoint, not the food nor the experience at large. Keep in mind that despite its Michelin excellence, the ambiance remains casual with minimalistic decor. Masa offers a wide variety of dishes crafted with both traditional Japanese cuisine and Japanese-American fusion styles, including a world-class sushi counter made of soid Hinoki. The counter is sanded every day to provide both visual and sensual pleasure. Only one menu is available at $600 a head.

Hôtel de Ville – Crissier, Switzerland


Restaurant Crissier

Restaurant Crissier

This hotel and restaurant are located at the former town hall building in Crissier, Switzerland. The restaurant has three Michelin stars, earned and maintained through four chefs, the most current being Franck Giovannini. His gourmet culinary work is carefully designed, with each individual flavor of its ingredients kept in mind to avoid overly mixing tastes. The decor is conservative in neutral colors and white linen blended with dashes of modern and edgy in the art on the walls. The restaurant’s three menus range from six to eleven courses, between $200 and $400.

Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester – London, England

Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester

Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester

Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester

The Alain Ducasse is a three Michelin-star restaurant in London, though its high-end cuisine is entirely French. Alain Ducasse (who you might recognize from another restaurant on this list) is a world-famous and admired chef known for his innovative nature in the art of cuisine and dining. Executive chef Jean-Philippe Blondet does not disappoint in interpretting Ducasse’s creations. The restaurant is most known for its seafood, and its menu is also always crafted with seasonal items in mind. There are several menus available, including a minimum three-course ala carte menu, though the seven-course seasonal menu comes highly recommended.

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