Sleep Like A King: Luxurious Bedding

By some estimates, the average person spends up to a third of their lifetime sleeping. That’s why we tend to be so particular about our pillows and sheets and are willing to pay for a decent mattress. If you looking to up your sleep game, you need these designer bedding items.

Roberto Cavalli Venezia Comforter

This comforter belongs on a royal bed. It comes in black, blue, pink, purple, or yellow. The colorful side that faces away from the skin is made of a rich velvet material. The side of the cover that touches the skin is made of delicate silk in a bold leopard print. The blanket is trimmed in with a vibrant gold roped border. With such a beautiful cover to look at, you’ll have trouble falling asleep.

Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus

Serena King Cashmere Blanket

This cloud-like blanket is made from 100% cashmere that caresses the skin. The cashmere is imported from Nepal and woven by hand into an intricate herringbone pattern. As an added touch of luxury, the blanket is trimmed with a silk border. This delicate blanket can only be dry cleaned, and it’s worth every penny. There are three variations of the blanket. All have a white blanket with either a white, gray, or brown silk trim.

Neiman Marcus

King Chani Lei Duvet Cover

This stunning duvet cover comes in the color of one of the world’s most precious metals— gold! Its cotton, viscose, and polyester material will keep you warm on the coldest of nights. The neutral tone matches well with almost any color of décor, so this duvet can blend into the set it was designed for or a favorite that you already have. This duvet is named after a king, it has got to be amazing!

Neiman Marcus

Sasha Bikoff x Flaneur

Compared to other bedding on this list Flaneur may look a little underwhelming, but this bedding is more valuable for what it is made of than for it’s minimalist chic appearance. Rather than sleeping on some amalgam of chemicals you can’t pronounce, you can find out exactly where the ingredients of your bedding come from.  Flaneur even allows customers to virtually create their own colors that will be made into custom blended dye for their bedding.

HB to Go

Royal-Pedic Natural Cotton Mattress

Speaking of chemicals in bedding, mattresses are notorious for smelling like latex and various plastics. Royal-Pedic, dubbed the healthy mattress, fights that problem with hypoallergenic padding. The mattresses are made of multiple layers of breathable cotton pads that allow the body’s heat to escape the mattress. These mattresses are made with a unique Swedish designed spring system that perfectly contours that back like memory foam but remains firm enough to provide comfort and support.

Healthy Child

Dux Axion 15 Bed

This bed features a plush padding made of a cotton and latex combination. This adjustable bed can be controlled by remote and it has a silent motor so sleep won’t be disturbed by any mechanical noises. The uppermost mattress pad can be detached. The bed is made especially comfortable by the continuous coil Swedish steel springs it is made of. This bed is extremely comfortable and it can be adjusted to the needs of any sleeper.

Tim Mobler

Tailormade Pillow Gold Edition

This state of the art pillow was designed by a physical therapist and made by a computer. Van der Hilst, the physical therapist behind the company came up with a mathematical formula for making the perfect pillow for each of his patients and has a 3-D printer for pillows that builds each pillow. This pillow is made with memory foam, cotton, 24-carat gold, sapphire, and diamonds. It also has cooling fabric to keep you comfortable.

Tailor Made Pillow

Vera Wang Bedding Collection

This bed set perfectly exemplifies the simplistic elegance that has come to be expected from every Vera Wang collection. These colors are equal parts cold and neutral. They are bold enough to make the bed the centerpiece of a bedroom and can be played down enough to make the bed a backdrop. The woven cotton jacquard fabric is as comfortable as it is beautiful. The collection is exclusive to Bloomingdales and machine washable.


Royal Hotel Down Pillow

This pillow is filled with top of the line products. It has more than 35 ounces of real deal goose feathers inside of it. The majority of the feathers are large, fluffy, down feathers, but there are a few smaller ones mixed in. The exterior of the pillow is made of pure cotton. This pillow feels like sleeping on a cloud, and with its all natural materials, it’s as good for you as it feels.


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