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Oh Baby! Pamper Your Little One With The Best

All parents agree that their baby deserves the best. If you want accessories with precious metals for precious your child, you’re not going to find them in a department store. To raise your bundle of joy with a silver spoon in his or her mouth, fill your nursery with these items.

Prada Vela Nylon Baby Bag

You don’t have to forgo fashion just because you have a baby! This chic black bag will compliment any outfit mom or dad is wearing as well as make the baby feel pampered. It’s certainly an improvement from the usual pastel-colored sheep, giraffes, and elephants that usually cover baby bags. The durable jacquard lining helps the bag to last well into your child’s toddler years. The bag also comes with a changing pad to protect your bundle of joy from all of the germy surfaces you’ll encounter.

Neiman Marcus

Gucci Baby Footmuff

Footmuffs are a lifesaver for parents who live in cold climates, and this Gucci one will have your baby riding in style. If you never heard of it, it is a cross between a sleeping back and a heavy winter coat. If you’re pushing a baby in a stroller on a cold day, a footmuff is a perfect way to keep the baby warm. Babies can’t kick a footmuff away or pull it over their faces.


Burberry Alby 3-Piece Layette Set

Three beautiful baby-sized bodysuits come in this set from Burberry. The suits close with snap gussets and buttons on one shoulder. The lack of zippers will keep the baby comfortable and save plenty of time for parents. Each of the suits comes in a bright, playful solid color and is accented by plaid patterning on the outer edge of each sleeve. As an extra dose of adorable, these 100% cotton suits each have a cute pocket on the chest.

Neiman Marcus

Dolce & Gabbana Peony-Print Sleeveless Dress

This cotton knit dress is donned with peonies almost as adorable as your little angel. A baby’s first photoshoot will be made even more memorable with a dress like this. As an added touch, the dress also comes with adorable bloomers of the same print. As high maintenance as the dress may look, it has a crew neckline, similar to the neckline of most T-shirts and onesies, so even the fussiest of babies will be comfortable.

Neiman Marcus

Mini-Givenchy Contrast-Trim Footie Pajamas

These totally adorable pajamas will help your baby get a good night’s sleep. The cozy ensemble is made of 100% cotton, and it has snap buttons on the upper back so no drafty air can reach the baby’s legs. “Mini Givenchy” is printed on the front, and the footies are accented with a decorative trim around the neckline, back, and bottom of the sleeves. The pajamas come in sleek black with white trim or in a pastel pink with black trim.

Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus

Burberry Kirk Infant Boys’ Check Playsuit

Sized for age 3-24 months, this handsome playsuit can be your little boy’s first taste of fashion. This Burberry  suit is made of cotton, so it will be easy to clean when inevitable stains occur. It has cute little pockets on both sides of the chest. It has all the style of big boy clothes and all the convenience of a onesie. The suit comes with the appearance of a button down shirt, but it actually closes with a snap gusset that makes getting dressed much easier on parents.

Neiman Marcus

Moncler Jean Down Bunting

This sleek winter coat keeps babies perfectly cocooned in warmth on a cold winter day. The coat is packed with genuine down, and the trim around the removable hood is made of genuine fox fur. The booties on the bottom of the heavy-duty coat can be easily detached. Best of all, this fancy coat is conveniently machine washable. The polyamide covering protects the baby from harsh weather while the linen interior lining caresses the skin.


Kalfin Jewelers Royal Pacifier

There are wedding rings less expensive than this pacifier! It comes in either black or white with diamonds of the opposite color. The design was based on what the jeweler imagined Prince George’s pacifiers should be like. Although it does have a silicone nipple, the makers of this pacifier don’t suggest allowing a baby to use it. This is a wonderful memento to show a child as they grow up how cherished they are. It would also make an amazing baby shower gift.

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Dolce And Gabbana Christening Gown

This Dolce and Gabbana christening gown has an understated elegance to it. With intricate lace designs and a soft pink or white color, it captures all the innocence of a newborn and the sanctity of a christening. The dress comes with a chiffon inner lining, and the outer garment is made mostly of silk and cotton. With all of its stunning details, this gown will look amazing in pictures and become a cherished family heirloom.


Stella McCartney Kids Fruit & Vegetable Outfit

This whimsical outfit embodies everything wonderful about being a happy and healthy baby. The playful shirt and sweatpants combo come in a vibrant mauve tone. It is decorated with a variety of googly-eyed fruits and veggies. The shirt has a crew neck, and the sleeves on both the shirt and the pants are rolled. The elastic waistband also makes this adorable getup perfect for playtime. In addition to being designed for the baby to be able to move and play freely, it’s also convenient to clean because it’s made out of cotton.

Neiman Marcus

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