Men and Women’s Perfect Power Suits

There’s nothing in the world of fashion that quite garners as much respect as the power suit. Whether you’re a man or woman, here you’ll find plenty of options when it comes to the designers and brands who produce some of the world’s most sophisticated suits. From jackets to accessories, you’ll find everything you need to help you get started on your way to finding the perfect power outfit for your taste and style.

Men’s Outercoats

Never underestimate the power of a great outercoat when it comes to topping off the perfect suit. Multiple styles are available from designers like Thom Browne, who has become renowned the world over for his clean lines and hallmark New York style masculinity. If you’re looking for a more youthful look, Yves Saint Laurent offers a variety of elegant options perfect for dressing up or down. Then, of course, there’s always Prada, whose outerwear offers the very definition of Italian elegance.

Thom Browne

Saint Laurent


Women’s Outercoats

When it comes to overcoats, Thom Browne doesn’t just cater to gentlemen. Ladies too will find a wealth of options from the New York designer, such as this lovely grey wool overcoat complete with a faux-pearl embellished collar. If you’re looking for a more classical style, then look no further than the vintage designs of original power woman Chanel. Fendi is also an excellent choice, as the label creates outerwear that encapsulates the spirit of strong, powerful women whose presence commands respect.

Thom Browne

Chanel Vintage


Men’s Suits

A fine suit is among the most quintessential item in any gentleman’s fashion arsenal. You can never go wrong with a number of Italian luxury brands, such as Kiton, for the perfect combination of exuberance and sophistication. Ralph Lauren’s Purple collection has also been a favorite or fashion insiders this year, offering sleek lines and classic patterning. Last but certainly not least is the Brioni brand which has become a leader in luxury men’s tailoring with impeccable stitching for up to the minute Italian style.


Ralph Lauren


Women’s Suits

Women’s power suits come in a wealth of different designs and textures, for a chance to blend timeless class with your own personal style. Giorgio Armani offers a wealth of choices, such as this gorgeous silk tuxedo jacket that transforms the classic male cut into a surge of feminine sophistication. Tom Ford also offers a sleekly cut option infused with a playful silk plunging neckline. If you’re looking to infuse your style with Italian elegance, then check out the suits of Dolce & Gabbana. Their blend of flattering, fitted cuts and ornamental patterns make for a combo that is sure to turn heads when you walk in the room.


Tom Ford

Dolce & Gabbana

Men’s Shirts

As you may well know, the style of the shirt beneath a great suit can change your look as the mood strikes. If you’re looking for a playful addition, check out the styles of Comme des Garcons whose founder loves adding playful touches, colors, and proportions. For a great fitted poplin shirt, you can’t go wrong with Thom Browne who offers a classic, albeit stylish take on the traditional men’s dress shirt. Burberry likewise offers fine tailored shirts made from Italian poplins, such as this classic black button down highlighted with metallic bullion embroidery.

Comme des Garcons

Thom Browne


Women’s Shirts

There are a wealth of shirts that are perfect to add a touch of opulence, femininity, or anything in between when it comes to the perfect power suit shirt. Gucci offers several amazing silk options, whether you’re looking for a sharp button down or a playful bow, both of which would feel amazing all day long. If you’d rather go the poplin route, then Michael Kors has a beautiful option with sparkling jeweled cuffs and ruffled cuffs.


Michael Kors


Men’s Accessories

No man’s suit is quite complete without an impeccable timepiece. Gucci offers more unique options sucSwissthis swiss made model with the house’s symbol motif in the center. Bell & Ross, who are comprised of experts in the area of aircraft and space control design also offer a wide variety of excellent models that offer state of the art precision. Then, of course, there’s the instantly recognizable Rolex. With a timepiece like the Datejust, you’re guaranteed an investment that will never go out of style.


Bell & Ross


Women’s Watches

A woman’s timepiece is unique among her jewelry collection, as it can be a signature statement that can be worn day after day. Fendi offers a wide selection of styles, among the most decadent of which is this steel, gold, and diamond-encrusted masterpiece. Versace also offers a series of bold colors and styles for those looking to make a statement. If you’re looking for a piece that will never go out of style, go with a solid timeless option such as the Gucci G-Frame.




Men’s Shoes

If you’re looking for a great way to set yourself apart from the crowd, then look no further than a pair of amazing shoes. Bottega Veneta, the original stealth-wealth brand offers a host of fun options that features their ‘intrecciato’ leather weave for a sense of understated elegance. Officine Creative likewise offers fine leather shoes with a hint of Victorian gentlemen style. Then there’s Dolce & Gabbana who can always be counted on to instantly transfuse any suit with a dash of bold style.

Bottega Veneta

Officine Creative

Dolce & Gabbana

Women’s Shoes

There’s not a woman in the world who needs convincing that a killer pair of shoes can make or break any outfit. Brands like Prada and Manolo Blahnik never fail to disappoint, as they’ve been providing just what any woman needs to command a room for years. If you’re looking to leave the heels behind, however, that there are plenty of Oxford options for women, such as this tasseled pair from Marni.


Manolo Blahnik


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