Awe-Inspiring Luxury Furniture

Having a home that combines luxury and comfort is the dream of many. There are furniture brands around the world that have offerings of many different varieties, styles and price ranges to suit numerous tastes. This list will give examples of five of the absolute most elegant items from the most luxurious brands.

The Andrew Sofa From Fendi

Fendi’s line of furniture (Fendi Casa) strives to capture the convivial, iconic Italian style. The Andrew captures this attitude perhaps better than any other piece in Fendi’s catalog with its signature style and attention to detail.

Luxury Living Group

Luxury Living Group

Whether you choose the elegance of the curved model or the utilitarianism of the linear, the Andrew from Fendi will be an inspiring piece of furniture for your luxurious home. From the voluminous armrests to the leather roll cushions, this sofa combines form and function into a truly luxuriant piece of furniture.

The Constellation Cofee Table From Fendi

A second offering comes to this list from Fendi, proving themselves as one of the best furniture brands in the world. The Constellation is a uniquely elegant line of coffee tables that can offer a striking design element to any home.

Luxury Living Group

Luxury Living Group

This circular coffee table set from Fendi Casa features clean curves and a classic retro look. The set can be expanded with up to four interlocking sections, or be used as only an elegant duo-piece, whichever your unique room calls for.

The Ettore Low Cabinet From Bugatti

The Bugatti Home line of furnishings offers a range of decadent items from this world-famous brand. The Ettore low cabinet is a tasteful piece that exudes grace into whatever space it is placed in. The original Blue Royale finish of this piece is especially tasteful.

Luxury Living Group

Luxury Living Group

More than just a fashion statement, the Ettore from Bugatti is a functional storage space. The cabinet’s different models come equipped with multiple storage compartments with magnetic closing badges. For a technological upgrade, wireless charging stations are built into particular optional models.

The Tatlin Divan From Edra

This free-standing sofa from Edra is a furnishing with distinctively modern flair. Its unique design was inspired by Tatlin tower, an iconic piece of constructivism, for which it is named. Mario Cananzi and Roberto Semprini truly outdid themselves with this iconic Edra design.



The spiralized design of this divan by Edra is truly a feature that will wow guests with its luxury and modern elegance. More than just a statement on tasteful beauty, the curved design offers unique seating arrangments for more people in less space as well, allowing even relatively small rooms to become the center of a gathering.

The Monet Silver Center Table From Boca Do Lobo

Boca Do Lobo’s most recent collection has a wonderful set of center tables, none more striking than the Monet Silver Center Table. With heavy influence from natural elements and the quintessential style which made Boca Do Lobo famous, this table is worthy of being more than a center of a room, it could be the center of your home.

Boca Do Lobo

Using a careful play of contrasting design elements and techniques, as well as artisanal furniture crafting skills, the Monet Silver Center Table brings a unique, modern-yet-natural taste to any house.

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