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Old School Trends That Are Making A Comeback

Fashion has a way of never really throwing out a great idea, even after it goes out of style. These days, it seems to be revisiting all the things we loved about 90s fashion and reinventing them in fun new ways.

Here you’ll see how luxury designers are bringing back all your favorite old styles from back in the day.

Leather Biker Jackets



Remember that leather jacket you paid way too much for back in college? It’s time to bust it out again.

From retro biker jackets to fitted moto leather, this season is all about channeling your inner teenage rebel. Whether you prefer a slimmer, more feminine look or want to go full on Fonzie, it’s time to bring your old leather out as the cool weather moves in.

This time-honored look is the perfect light weather accessory to get any outlook a hint of edge.

Athleisure Track Pants/Joggers


Marcelo Burlon

Remember back in the 90s when Sporty Spice used to rock track pants with no shame? Looks like we’re due for a comeback with the recent explosion of Athleisure.

From the shapelier variety to the old-school button-ups, track pants are ready for a comfy resurgence.

Though it may be hard to part with your favorite well-worn yoga pants, think of it as a chance to give them a break while you these old fall favorites out for a spin.


Valentino Garavani


Back in the 90s, everyone from Drew Barrymore to Jared Leto could be seen rockin’ the choker. It looks like everyone’s favorite 90’s add-on is back, as they’ve started to be spotted on the necks of celebs across Instagram.

Designers are coming up with tons of different styles to choose from, including everything from edgy rock looks to fancy lace. Some of the fancier incarnations are even making their way onto red carpets as celebs snatching them up complete with tons of bling.

Flannel Shirts


Saint Laurent

At some unknown point in history, the flannel shirt was shamelessly stolen from lumberjacks in order to become a staple of punks everywhere. Once more and more people realized its warm versatility its popularity only continued to grow.

This fall, Kristen Stewart can look forward to a season of no longer being one of a handful of celebs refusing to let the flannel trend die. Whether you’re looking to wear it as an overshirt, undershirt, or just a top in its own right, flannel’s the perfect addition to your favorite pair of jeans.

Flared/Bootcut Jeans



Let’s face it, despite the recent craze, a good pair of skinny jeans can be hard to find. Though they’ve been enjoying the spotlight recently, the truth is that it can be hard to find a pair that makes your legs look just right.

Not to mention that sometimes it’s nice to have a little room to play with at the bottom when you’re trying to match your jeans with boots or sneakers. This is probably why flare and bootcut pants are making a comeback just in time for Fall.

Ripped/ Distressed Jeans

Rag and Bone

Get ready to channel your inner rock star because ripped jeans have come back with a vengeance. First made popular back in the 70s and 80s, stars like Iggy Pop and Madonna managed to forever associate ripped jeans with a hint of rebellion. Lately, designers have once again begun to distress their denim with holes, rips, and carefully placed fading. A perfect look for a casual day, distressed jeans are being paired with everything from high tops to heels.

High Top Sneakers

Saint Laurent


Ah, high top sneakers, how we have missed you.

The quintessential shoe of the 90s is back and with it the memories of days when everyone from the Fresh Prince to Punk rockers were wearing these ankle covering kicks.

Though you may no longer be able to pump them up like you could back in the day, these old school shoes are super comfortable and easy to pair with any outfit. From classic basketball styles to funky designs, these bad boys are back and ready to party.

Masculine Suits For Women

Alexander McQueen

Back in the 90s, women started experimenting with loose, masculine-inspired suits. These days, the male-style suit has been popping back up on women but in a sexier, more fitted fashion.

Designers like Alexander McQueen are masters at taking the dress suit look and adding in fun pieces of flair to make them a bit more exciting.

This season, you’ll see everything from clean-cut jackets to classic power suits with a touch of delicate lacing.

High Rise Jeans

Maison Margiela

M.I.H. Jeans

When pop stars like Britney Spears brought low cut jeans into the spotlight, they didn’t waste their time taking over the fashion world. Though they may have looked great on some of us, they were not without their issues.

If you’ve grown tired of worrying about them riding a little too low or cutting into your stomach every time you sit down, you’re in luck. Ladies, the jean of moms everywhere has officially made a comeback! With it, they bring the perks of their nice, airy fit and the comfort of never having to worry about your midriff peeking out unbidden.

Embroidered Jean Jackets

Zadig & Voltaire


Aren’t jean jackets just the best? Not only do they go with pretty much everything, they’re such a great fall staple for pre-winter weather.

Denim is definitely back in and along with it, all the fun of embroideries from back in the 80s. Jean jackets are coming back in just about any shape or size you can imagine, from ultra-baggy to sleek and fitted. You’ve likely already started to see them popping back up in stores, sometimes along with fun patches or print for an added dose of nostalgia.

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